KC Wilkerson Previous Exhibits

DECADE - Collected Works 1998 - 2008

CasaVino, Long Beach (July 15-October 19, 2008)

This solo show featured 26 pieces from various series over the past ten years. Most of the prints were shown as framed 11" x 14" open editions.


LAMENT - A new series of black and white photography

Night Gallery, Santa Ana (July 5 - September 1, 2008)

Five new prints were released for the show, "Winter Lament", "Her Head in Her Hands", Acceptance", The Martyr", and "A Slight Intake of Breath". Additionally, there was a limited edition postcard set of the five show images.

11" x 14" Open-Edition prints are still available for purchase at Night Gallery, 201 N. Main St, Santa Ana, CA. www.nightgalleryceramics.com